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Business Continuity Program Manager

Apply Share Job ID 1471 Category Corporate Functions, Laboratory Operations Job Location Redwood City, California Posted Date 10/20/2019


The Business Continuity Program Manager is responsible for establishing, maintaining and managing the Genomic Health Business Continuity Program (BCP), related systems, processes and procedures for the purpose of identifying, quantifying and minimizing potential business interruptions and risks that could impact the normal operations of the business. The BCP Manger will develop and implement business interruption recovery strategies that strengthen the Company's resiliency while reducing business interruption duration and cost of returning the business to normal operations following an interruption. The BCP Manager will coordinate and work closely with all areas of the business to understand and document normal processes, operational risks and detailed recovery plans to minimize any potential business interruption of normal operations. Working with business process owners, the BCP Manager will conduct individual Business Impact Analysis (BIA) surveys from which risks are assessed and quantified by probability and potential impact, including cost of the interruption to the business. Following the BIA, the BCP Manager will work with subject matter experts to develop detailed plans to minimize business interruption risks and to develop recovery plans should such an interruption occur.
The BCP Program Manager will have a background in developing and implementing related policies, procedures and programs which help to ensure that the Company at all times is aware of and remains prepared to respond to a business interruption event, including major disasters. The qualified candidate will possess proficiency in related program development, organization and administration of business continuity programs. The BCP Manager will routinely communicate with a broad and diverse audience while working closely with internal clients to coordinate the BCP. The Manager will possess an excellent working knowledge of applicable Local, State and Federal protocols typically followed by supporting agencies. The Manager will serve as Chair of the Business Continuity Team and will participate on the Emergency Response (ERT) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Teams responsible for acting as first responders to potential business interruptions.
· Develop, facilitate and perform Business Impact Analysis (BIA) within each functional business and process area of the Company. Document the BIA and update each BIA not less than annually or as frequently as a business process changes from a prior condition.
· Identify and recommend business recovery strategies that when implemented will reduce business interruption risks and impact to the business.
· Maintain the Resilience One (R1) BCP database software application to remain current on normal operations and previously identified action and recovery plans that the Company may deploy following a business interruption.
· Regularly meet with business managers and subject matter experts (SMEs) to review, update and ensure their representative business process is well documented and up-to-date within R1. Provide ongoing and individual training to Process Owners and SMEs on the use of R1.
· Develop and test functional area and site wide disaster recovery plans specific to individual groups and locations.
· Identify and propose risk mitigation strategies specific to each operational / business area including cost of proposed mitigation.
· Define, implement, train, and routinely test the Company Incident Command Structure (ICS) team responsible for responding to potential business interruptions or any other disaster that could impact the continuity of the business.
· Maintain Business Continuity Management documentation to be accurate and reflective of current and changing business processes within R1 and other tools and systems as may be required.
· Prepare and lead mock exercises simulating business interruptions and disasters that could impact the Company. Evaluate response effectiveness and follow-up with specific action and training to further strengthen business resiliency.
· Partner with WPS staff, the Safety Committee, the Emergency Response team and others in the Company to define roles and responsibilities to ensure controlled and managed response to potential business interruptions.
· Recommend actions and develop programs to promote the culture business resiliency at GHI.
· Perform other duties as assigned.

· Bachelor's or higher degree in a relevant discipline
· Twelve+ years of relate experience with six to eight years of direct corporate work experience in the area of risk and business continuity management
· Extensive prior experience leading the detailed assessment, analysis, documentation, and communication of business risks, business impact studies, and proposed mitigations for potential business interruption events
· Strong leadership and collaboration skills, with experience leading teams responsible for BCP, DR and ICS
· Familiarity with and working knowledge of Local, State and Federal emergency response protocols is required.
· Exceptional verbal, presentation, and written communication skills, and a successful track record of effective communication with executives and other employees up, down, and across the organization
· Ability to interpret complex business continuity risks and their impact, and to propose options (and their pros and cons) and recommendations to a wide variety of internal audiences
· Demonstrated success in achieving strong engagement and accountability from functional areas across the organization in the process of analyzing business continuity risks and impacts, and implementing appropriate risk mitigation measures
· Demonstrated ability to communicate and interface with emergency response agencies and representatives
· Knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements and ability to prioritize and implement with a high emphasis on quality.
· Ability to work independently as an individual contributor and as part of a team.
· Ability to prepare and present BCP related information to employees at all levels in the Company.
· Ability to communicate and interface with emergency response agencies and representatives.


Genomic Health has a bold mission to transform cancer treatment decisions and outcomes by delivering clinically actionable diagnostic tests to physicians and patients around the world. Having served more than 1 million patients while saving healthcare systems around the world billions of dollars to-date, Genomic Health has pioneered a life, changing industry and is seeking an accomplished and passionate Business Continuity Program Manager to shape the story of its next frontier.
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